Cancer & Work Survey 2023

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The results for the Cancer & Work Survey 2023 are available in English!

Cancer has a tremendous impact on income. We conducted a “Cancer & Work” survey in April-May (796 responses), and we found out the following:

  • Nearly 70 % saw a decrease in income, for one in four there was no change.
  • Rehabilitation needs and work capacity evaluation were discussed with only one in three in the health care services.
  • Psycho-social support was offered for over half, but a rehabilitation plan was drafted only for one quarter of respondents.
  • During cancer treatments, 60 % were on sick leave for the whole duration and a majority returned to work within one year from diagnosis.
  • Over 60 % benefited from a partial sickness allowance, and many also felt work try-out or rehabilitation subsidy as a meaningful support for coping after the illness.
  • At the time of diagnosis, 80 % of respondents were employed full-time, whereas during the survey the number was less than 60 %.

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Kuva: Thirdman / CC0 Pexels