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kellertävä väri sanomalehti kahvikuppi kännykkä

Current affairs and news on return to work for cancer survivors and professionals.

Peer support group ”Living with Cancer” meets monthly

Living with Cancer is a monthly peer support group for cancer survivors in Finland. The group meets online, so you can join no matter your location in Finland. You don’t have to be a native English speaker to join. All you need is the willingness to talk about life with or after cancer in English, and that you reside in Finland.

Meetup schedule

For more information or to sign up for the group, kindly contact Coordinator Marketta at or 045 104 6509.

Also check out the blog post on the meetup ”To have a laugh and to vent!

Work & Cancer podcast

Check out the podcast series Work & Cancer, so far there is one episode in English. You’ll find all the episodes at the podcast site (mostly in Finnish). The episodes are available e.g. on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

Share your thoughts in the blog series Greetings from Work

Share your blog post about work, studying or coping with work.

  • The style is up to you: you can blog a professional analysis, a story, share your own experience on cancer or that of a loved one, humorous text, poem, fictional story or something else.
  • We can help you with proofreading, so don’t worry about grammar or punctuation.
  • Recommended length of the text is approx. 300-600 words.
  • Submit the text as a Word or equivalent file (not PDF files) at
  • Let us know whether you’d like to use your own name, a pen name or if the text should be published anonymously. Kindly include a pen name. More information on submitting an anonymous text in Finnish.
  • Also include a short text to describe yourself: ”The writer…
  • If you wish, you can additionally include a cover and photos to illustrate your blog post (either in JPG or PNG format), let us know who the photographer is and consider copyrights.
  • The texts will be published in the order of delivery.