Handbook How to manage cancer at work

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European Cancer Leagues (ECL) has published a handbook entitled ”How to Manage Cancer at Work”. Also check out the leaflets for employers and employees.

The Handbook encourages organisations across Europe to develop policies and procedures to support employees affected by cancer. Project Manager Emma Andersson from the Work & Cancer project has been involved in the drafting of the handbook. The publication offers concrete tools and checklists to support an employee touched by cancer.

”Around 1.6 million people of working age are diagnosed with cancer in Europe each year and cancer treatments are often accompanied by long periods of sickness absence. Employers are therefore likely to face a situation when their employees or their loved ones are affected by cancer. (…) Cancer survivors, in fact, have a 1.4 times higher risk of unemployment compared to their healthy peers.”

European Cancer Leagues

Leaflets for employers and employees

The leaflets provide practical tips for Employers and Employees & identify why cancer is a significant concern at work and what actions can be taken to minimize its impact on those affected and their colleagues. 

Tips for employers supporting employees with cancer. Published in November 2021.

Tips for employees diagnosed with cancer. Published in November 2021.

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