[Helsinki] Living and Working with Cancer

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[Helsinki] Living and Working with Cancer

27.1.2020 klo 17:00 - 18:30

If you have been looking for a cancer peer support group in the Helsinki area, this is for you. In January we’ll talk more about the themes you’d like cover in the Spring, but mostly it will be about getting to know each other and sharing experiences. You are welcomed to join us once or for all the events. We’ll be meeting once a month (27.1., 24.2., 30.3., 27.4., 25.5.2020)

Please, let us know that you are coming by sending a message to Marketta (marketta.liljestrom@syopapotilaat.fi / 045-1046509) on January the 24th at the latest.

See you in Malmi!


17:00 - 18:30
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Suomen Syöpäpotilaat ry
Malminkaari 5
Helsinki, 00700
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